Cabling installations have evolved from proprietary systems to flexible, open solutions that can be used by many vendors and applications. This change is the result of the adaptation of standards-based, structured cabling systems. The driving force behind this acceptance is due not only to customers but also to the cooperation between many telecommunications vendors and international standards organizations

Network convergence is the efficient coexistence of telephone, video and data communication within a single network. The use of multiple communication modes in a single network offers convenience and flexibility not possible with separate infrastructures. Therefore, we provide the best cost effective structured cabling solution for you.

Our expertise and experience ensured you with design, build and certification per ANSI/TIA/EIA/ISO Standards.

We are specialize in :
  1. UTP Cat5, Cat6, Cat6A, Cat7
  2. Fiber Optic
It covers :

  • Horizontal cabling
  • Backbone cabling
  • Work area
  • Telecommunications rooms and enclosures
  • Equipment rooms
  • Entrance facility (building entrance)